Sunday, April 6, 2014

Restaurant Ratings

Restaurant Health Code Violation Down
New York City eateries received 32,392 health-code violations from January through November of 2014, a drop of 13 percent from 36,804 during the same period in 2013, records show, the Post reports: 
Health Dept. Records Show Dip in City Restaurant Violations

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7. City using Yelp to track food poisoning

The city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is using restaurant reviews from the website Yelp to track food-related illnesses. The department has so far combed through more than 294,000 reviews as part of the ongoing project, looking for words such as “sick” and “vomit.” [The New York Times]

Cafe publicizes Health Dept.’s B grade and calls out ‘extortion’(NYP)

City restaurant health inspection grades a shame: expert(NYP)

The PR Expert Cronut Baker Ratted Out

The triumphant return of the :
Cronut Shop Reopens to Long Line of Customers (WSJ)
Monday's Special CroRat
Cronut bakery hit by ‘mouse infestation’(NYP) Authorities Friday shuttered trendy Soho bakery Dominique Ansel – known for kicking off the Cronut craze – after a grossed out patron filmed a mouse scurrying across the floor and sent it to reporters.* Cronut Bakery Closed for 'Mouse Infestation'(WSJ)
* Mmm, mmm, good (NYDN Ed) Mouse in the house

de Blasio Flip Flops on A Restaurant Ploy?
Giving Restaurants Something Back After Sick Pay Law Passes 
City to revamp Bloomberg’s restaurant grades(Capital) City Hall and Council to make system less punitive* New York City reportedly plans to revamp its restaurant grading system to ease fines on business owners who have long lamented the penalty structure.* De Blasio has ‘change of heart’ on health fines(Capital)Mayor Bill de Blasio, who last year accused Christine Quinn of a "cynical ploy" to lower restaurant fines, embraced those same changes after they were announced on Friday.

 City to revamp restaurant grades(Capital) De Blasio and Council promise to make a Bloomberg system less punitive* In Reprieve for Restaurant Industry, City Is Proposing Changes to Grading System(NYT) * New restaurant grade guidelines to ease penalties(NYP) * In Reprieve for Restaurant Industry, New York Proposes Changes to Grading System(NYT) Officials proposed tweaks to the current rating system so that restaurants would have more chances to appeal — and in some cases, avoid — financial penalties for many violations.* New Rules Aim to Reduce Restaurant Fines(WSJ) * City will dish out lower fines for sanitary violations, keeping the letter-grade systems for restaurants(NYDN)  * The Post writes that Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken a step in the right direction by overhauling New York City’s restaurant inspection rules: 

Lobbyist  JOSHUA GOLD Hotel, Restaurant & Club Employees & Bartenders Union Local 6 * UPKNYC is run, in part, by the mayor's former campaign aides. Its lobbyist works for the city's massive hotel workers' union, JOSHUA GOLD and his contract allows him to work for both groups at the same time * NYC.Hospitality Alliance  Yoswein New York

City restaurant health inspection grades a shame: expert(NYP)

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