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Medical Maruujana Pot Smoking #777

5 Firms Picked to Grow Marijuana
5 firms selected to grow marijuana in New York (NYP) * Just whatthe doc ordered: Gov. Cuomo takes a correctly careful first step in allowingmedical marijuana (NYDN) * The Daily News writes that the state has taken anotherstep in the right direction with the selection of five companies to grow and distribute medical marijuana as part of Cuomo’s tightly controlled program: * Medical Marijuana Dispensary Plan in the South Bronx Stirs Anxiety and Hope (NYT) Residents and community leaders are asking whether it will provide an economic boost to the Hunts Point neighborhood or become a magnet for trouble.* The Hunts Point neighborhood is set to be one of the first places in the state to get a medical marijuana dispensary, creating both hope and anxiety in the long-troubled section of the city, The New York Timeswrites: 

Quinnipiac University poll found New York City voters approve 71-26 percent of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, but gave the mayor an overall 49-36 percent job approval rating:  * De Blasio said he hasn’t smoked pot since college and couldn’t given the demands of his 24/7 job, the Daily News reports:

Albany Heroin Deal Close? Medical Marijuana Deal Done
UP IN VAPOR: Gov. Andrew Cuomo's insistence on a medical marijuana smoking ban disappointed advocates, but experts say another delivery option is safer, City & State reports:  * The state’s new medical marijuana legislation is the result of political compromises with the governor, indicating that politics, not science, drove the final agreement, Julie Netherland and Gabriel Sayegh of the Drug Policy Alliance write in the Daily News:*
New York’s Not-So-Perfect Medical Marijuana Law(NYT) The new legislation is too limited.
Senate Approves Medical Marijuana(YNN) Senate passed a bill 49-10 allowing the drug in non-smokeable form, Gannett Albany reports* NO BAKING: Medical marijuana in food form must be purchased from N.Y. dispensaries among the rules of its legalization
 While some medical marijuana advocates are grateful that a program is finally coming, the program will begin to dispense marijuana no sooner than the end of 2015, the Times Union reports: *Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a deal on a package of legislation to combat heroin abuse, which could be the last major legislation to pass this session, State of Politics writes:  New York Legislature Reaches Deal on More Laws to Fight Heroin Problem(NYT)* Deal Struck in Albany on Tackling Heroin Surge(WSJ)* * Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders struck an agreement on a medical marijuana bill that will make certain forms of the drug available to patients with a limited range of diseases, The Wall Street Journal reports A Medical Marijuana Deal, With A Gubernatorial ‘Fail Safe’ New York Leaders Reach Deal on Medical Marijuana(NYT) The agreement includes a major demand of the Cuomo administration: that no smoking of the drug would be permitted, though other options would be.*End of Session  Legislature Closes Session With a Flurry of Activity(NYT)  Mental Health * Cuomo and legislators reached an agreement to set up services for residents and clients of the Office for Mental Health and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities before they close, avoiding the need for a bill to delay closures and downsizings, the Times Union writes:  The Daily News writes that New York is moving far more carefully than other states that have legalized medical marijuana, thanks to Cuomo’s cautious leadership:WHAT THE MARIJUANA DEAL MEANS—Capital’s Jimmy Vielkind and Laura Nahmias: Andrew Cuomo insists his support for medicinal marijuana wasn't an evolution, but a win. “Last year, I didn't support medical marijuana because it has never been discussed with these kind of protections, and I was totally against setting up a system that could have unintended consequences,” the governor said during an afternoon press conference to explain and brag about the bill. It was as close to big end-of-session announcement as he’ll get this time around.The unfinished progressive priorities Cuomo set for himself  after negotiating the state budget and in the State of the State were mere afterthoughts in the last week, when lawmakers instead focused on some lower-hanging fruit. Cuomo aides only began serious talks on heroin after Sen. Diane Savino and Assemblyman Dick Gottfried reconciled their bills,raising the possibility a measure in which he had no hand—and therefore could not claim credit for—might find its way to his desk. (He pulled a similar play on heroin, which had been the subject of months of legislative hearings and only recently rose to Cuomo's lips.) Instead, the governor laid a series of conditions some believe were designed to actually kill the measure. In the end, legislators came around and Cuomo was able to return to his basic getting-things-done narrative. In doing so, Cuomo has gone back to the center after a flirtation with the left flank that culminated at the Working Families Party nominating convention, when he promised to help Democrats win the State Senate -- The final marijuana bill expires after seven years, contains a “shut-off” valve that would let Cuomo suspend the program and does not allow marijuana in a smokable form.

Medical Marijuana Moves Close 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he wouldn’t sign a medical marijuana bill if it reached his desk, despite new changes aimed at making it more amenable to him, which include pairing down the list of diseases eligible for treatment, Gannett Albany reports:  * State lawmakers huddled with Cuomo to discuss the medical marijuana measure, but while the bill’s main sponsors emerged to say they had productive talks with the governor on the issue, a deal remained elusive, State of Politics reports:  Talks on Medical Marijuana Bill as Time Starts to Run Out in Albany(NYT)

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state’s soon-to-be-enacted medical marijuana law will help alleviate “chain of custody” concerns because each of the handful of private companies involved will both grow and dispense the product, meaning they can be held accountable for the entire process, Gannett Albany reports:

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview that his concerns over a bill that would allow for medical marijuana stem from the fear that if done wrong, such a system could create “havoc” and a “public health disaster,” State of Politics reports:
* State Sen. Diane Savino on the same radio show called Cuomo’s concerns over medical marijuana inconsistent and claimed that proposed bill language from his office hasn’t been made available, State of Politics notes:

* Although de Blasio said he wanted to decrease marijuana arrests during his campaign, state figures show that marijuana arrests are not actually decreasing, Capital New York reports:
NYT Supports Medical Marijuana  
A Vote on Medical Marijuana(NYT) The State Senate should follow the Assembly’s lead and approve legislation that has wide support from medical groups.

* State Sen. George Maziarz has become the third member of the Senate GOP to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act, which would legalize medical marijuana in New York, State of politics reports:

  * The Times Union writes that the state Senate should pay attention to a move by the House of Representatives to block the federal government from interfering with states that allow medical marijuana because maybe that will prompt state Senate Republicans to rethink their resistance:

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced an agreement with GW Pharmaceuticals to develop clinical trials using an ingredient derived from marijuana aimed at children with epilepsy, but advocates say the plan doesn’t go far enough, State of Politics reports: 

Congressman calls on Mayor de Blasio to reduce pot arrests(NYDN)

Assembly Backs Use of Marijuana for Illnesses(NYT)
With less than a month left in the legislative session, and Senate Republicans balking, enacting a bill may be difficult.

* As expected, the state Assembly backed a bill legalizing medical marijuana by a vote of 91 to 34, but the state Senate has yet to indicate if it will bring it up for a vote, the Associated Press reports:

 * The medical marijuana bill sponsored by state Sen. Diane Savino cleared the Senate Health Committee for the first time, but must now clear the Finance Committee before a full Senate vote, the Daily News reports:

Sen. Diane Savino discussed changes made to her medical marijuana bill in an effort to make it more palatable to fence-sitters and opponents.

* Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy said he has been talking to Republican state Senators about passing medical marijuana, arguing that the party’s stigma as a “Party of No” would be helped by approving the measure, the Times Union reports:

* Medical marijuana gained its first GOP sponsor in the state Senate, Joseph Robach, who added his name alongside 17 Democratic senators who have co-sponsored the Compassionate Care Act, the Daily News reports:

Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos said “there’s a good possibility” the Senate will vote on some sort of legislation dealing with medical marijuana this session.

The fate of the pending medical marijuana bill may hinge on whether or not Republican senators will vote for a law that allows marijuana to be smoked, rather than ingested in oil or other forms.

Cops turn blind eye to pot smokers at Cannabis Parade(NYP)
Might New York's version of medicinal marijuana be un-smokable?

Cuomo Medical Maruujana Executive Order
Cuomo set to propose legal medical marijuana use, questions remain about what exactly his plan entails, including which patients will qualify and which hospitals will be dispensaries

Even Supporters Question Cuomo’s Marijuana Plan(NYT) Advocates of liberalized marijuana laws complained of a lack of details, like which hospitals would prescribe it and who would supply it.* Hospitals warm to Cuomo’s pot plan(Capital)
Albany Medical Center and Montefiore among ten hospitals considering proposal
Cuomo's 180 on Medical Mariujana
Governor Cuomo Reportedly Set to Allow Medical Marijuana in New York (NY Mag) * New York State Is Set to Loosen Marijuana Laws(NYT) * REPORT: New York To Loosen Marijuana Laws(Huff Post) * Gov. Cuomo to approve medical marijuana(NYP) * Cuomo to allow use of medical marijuana in New York (NYDN)\ * New York to be 21st state to allow medical marijuana(CBS)
Cuomo Plans to Make Push For Medical Marijuana (NY1)
Cuomo foe rips him on medical pot(NYP)
Advocates see hope in Cuomo’s marijuana shift(Capital)
Medical Marijuana in New York(NYT Ed)
A limited plan by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to loosen restrictions on its use should be expanded and strengthened by the State Legislature.* A nationwide food workers union has a medical cannabis and hemp arm and is tracking the medical marijuana developments in New York, with one lobbyist saying the goal is to create an industry with middle-class jobs, the Times Union writes: * The Times writes that the state legislature should take Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for medical marijuana and expand and strengthen it through legislation:* * Advocates: Cuomo pot plan not enough * Let the smoke clear(NYDN) Marijuana will be legalized for limited medical purposes in New York under a plan that’s on Gov. Cuomo’s drawing board. The early details suggest that he wisely plans to keep a tight lid on the lids.* New York's Puzzling Medical Marijuana Plan(WSJ)* Cuomo may no longer be interested in this issue, but Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson has renewed his campaign pledge to treat possession of as much as 15 grams of marijuana as a violation instead of a misdemeanor.* Some hospitals unsure of pot plan(Capital) Hospitals site concern that marijuana remains illegal under federal law* Albany lobbyist Pat Lynch says with the governor now moving statewide toward his medical marijuana pilot project, efforts are underway to craft a viable New York City-only med-mar bill – one that perhaps won’t require approval from the state Legislature. * Assemblyman Steve Katz, who was ticketed for marijuana possession last year, skipped the State of the State address this week to travel to Colorado to research the marijuana industry, Gannett Albany reports:* Assemblyman Steve Katz skipped Cuomo’s State of the State address in favor of a three-day Colorado marijuana industry research trip. * Medical marijuana advocates say that they fear Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan for a limited program could stall growing momentum for a broader state-sponsored program, Newsday writes:

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