Saturday, November 30, 2013

Run off Elections 231

Why Does NYC Have A Runoff?

 Because of Mario Procaccino
After a "law-and-order" conservative won the 1969 Democratic mayoral primary with a plurality, the New York state legislature passed a law widely recalled as the "Procaccino Provision."  The law required that a candidate win at least 40 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary to become the nominee for mayor. Failure to reach that threshold means that the top two vote-getters will compete in a runoff to determine a nominee.

Pay to Play Runoff Elections
Nobody Votes in Runoffs, Special Interest Permanent Government Wins
For the last few days Public Advocate candidates (maybe Thompson and de Blasio) will be going around to special interests promising everything but city hall's bathroom sink, in return for pulling out their members next Tuesday to vote for them. The groups being promised government pay to play $$$ include: the democratic Machines, religious, racial and ethnic leaders, unions, lobbyists.  Non profits are already on the government tit for member items are very effective in getting out the vote.  Real estate and Wall Street whales give the quick  $$$ the candidates need for TV and GOTV operations.  All these special interests gain more power because of the city's falling voter participation. Runoffs elections controlled by the permanent government and special interests.   

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