Sunday, November 17, 2013



The Key to City Hall Has Always Been for Sale For Sale. The PACS Have Up the Price
When Money Shouts(NYT Ed)

Outside political action groups are spending heavily in New York City races without much notice.A tsunami of outside political money is cresting and crashing on the New York City primary election. The debris is all around: glossy leaflets, harsh TV ads, robocalls and pseudo-grass-roots events like the rally Wednesday in Greenwich Village denouncing the City Council speaker, Christine Quinn, who is running for mayor. The event was sponsored by a group called NYC Is Not for Sale, a creation of one union boss and two wealthy business executives, who have channeled their antipathy — and about $1.4 million — into an all-negative campaign for the notional candidate they call Anybody but Quinn. Jobs for New York was set up by the Real Estate Board of New York, which includes the city’s biggest developers. It has raised almost $6.3 million, spent $1.35 million and pledged to spend $10 million, all in the service of building a more business-friendly City Council.

Jobs For New York is Not the Only Business PAC Helping Council Candidates

Small Business PAC Targets More Tight Races(NYO)





New York’s top debtor PACs of 2014(Caital)

Nearly 200 political committees active in the 2013 campaigns still owe money


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