Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Permanent Government

It is Time for An Update of the Late Journalist Jack Newfield's Book on the Permanent Government
Newfield and his co writer Paul du Brul claimed that an elite group of un-elected power brokers control the political power of New York City

Member of the New Perment Government: 
The Al Sharpton Stop

Mayoral Candidates Play to the Sharpton Crowd
New York City mayoral candidates debated issues of inequality at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Headquarters yesterday, with Quinn provoking jeers by saying she would keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner if she were mayor, the News writes: Candidates Diverge on Residency for Police(NYT) Many New York City officers live in the suburbs, and the issue had not been raised until the Rev. Al Sharpton asked a yes-or-no question at a debate for mayoral contenders Tuesday night.At a forum all five Democratic mayoral candidates were asked whether NYPD officers should be required to live in the five boroughs. Only Mr. de Blasio said no. Ms. Quinn and Mr. Liu wanted the requirement and Mr. Thompson was “less clear.”

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