Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sexual Abuse

Where Are the Pols and Women Groups to Stop the Blackmail and Intimidation Aimed At Sexual Abuses and Their Families in Brooklyn?

The Shame of New York is how sexual abuse is ignored when the powerful are involved
Can it the high turn voter turn outs of Nechemya Weberman (on trial for sexual abuse) friends intimidate the pols from speaking out? We wonder what they think of women forced to wear a burka?
Court shutterbugs blasted  (NYP) What a bunch of shmucks.  Members of Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community lashed out yesterday at the gang of creeps who allegedly tried to intimidate a young sex-abuse accuser by snapping her picture in court as she testified against a powerful Hasidic leader.* Girl’s ‘sex abuse’ silence(NYP)   “Now we have to take all their phones, just like in a gang trial,” a law-enforcement source told The Post. “It’s the same thing you have with the Bloods or the Crips.”
A challenge for Joe Hynes(NYP Ed) Four thugs came to a Brooklyn courtroom this week to try to bully a 17-year-old girl into silence as she testified about years of sexual abuse she says she suffered at the hands of a prominent leader of the ultra-Orthodox community. It was an outrageous violation of decency, custom and law — and Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes’ duty is clear: The four must be punished to the max. * Accuser in Orthodox Abuse Trial Testified out of 'Responsibility' (WSJ) * Orthodox Men Charged With Snapping Court Pics Arraigned on Sabbath(DNAINFO) *I had to reenact porn, Hasidic leader's alleged sex abuse(NYDN) * About Those Criminal Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn (

Micah Kellner's City Council Bid Backing Crumbles After Sexual Harassment Allegations Emerge(NYDN) Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and two Democratic state senators -- Jose Serrano of the Bronx and Brad Hoylman of Manhattan -- rescinded their endorsements of Kellner on Friday.

Albany Sexual Harassment Connecting the Dots

The Tangled Webs Of Albany Sexual Harassment Cover Ups All Lead Back to Silver

Elizabeth Crothers, a former Assembly aide who accused the Assembly Speaker’s then-chief counsel of raping her, said that recently fired Silver aide Bill Collins threatened to smear her in the press in 2003, the Daily News
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver under fire for keeping Bill Collins on payroll after alleged sexual harassment mishandling(NYDN)
Former legislative aide Elizabeth Crothers says Assembly counsel Bill Collins threatened to smear her in the press back in 2003 after more accusations were leveled against Michael Boxley. Support for Assemblyman Micah Kellner’s city Council bid is crumbling after he admitted to inappropriate conversations with legislative aides. * Rep. Carolyn Maloney said the allegations of sexual harassment against her former staffer, Assemblyman Micah Kellner, are “serious and troubling” but she didn’t rescind her endorsement, Capital New York writes
Assemblywoman Glick overheard warning GOP colleague not to criticize Speaker Silver: 'You should quiet down before someone starts playing games with you'(6/25/2013, NYP)

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