Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fines and connected

Jon Corzine and the Rest of the Wall Street Crook Go Free When A Street Vendor Gets Big Fines for Being One Inch To Close to A Store . . . City Helps to Increase 10% Unemployment Rate
DN: Schneiderman's JPMorgan suit "must not descend into a politically pleasing extraction of rough justice" Does the Daily News Consider a $2,250 fine to a street vendor rough justice?
Street vendor selling cellphone cases fined 2G fine for inches  (NYP) The priciest real estate in New York is just a few inches of SoHo.  A street vendor hawking cellphone cases was slapped with $2,250 in fines for selling from a table that stood 1 inch too high and 2 inches too close to the nearest store entrance.. * The News warns that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman must tread carefully and not use his lawsuit against banking colossus JPMorgan Chase as a political weapon.   
Restaurants Have A Pac to Pay  Off Pols
Council Seeks to Ease Growing Fines for Restaurants

A NYC Lesson: If You Going to Be Corrupt, Steal Millions and Be Connected

The Big Guys City Employees Who Help Rip Off Billions in Tech and Pension Funds Are Not Indicted Or Punished, But the City Goes After 2 Old Ladies that Pocketed $445 and A Vendor Tying to Make A Living

City sacks sibs (NYP) $445 scam on 150G salary  Two sisters with a combined 56 years working at the city’s Finance Department have been sacked after being found guilty of ripping off $8.40 a day, the price of a lunchtime sandwich. Laura and Karen Slabinsky got the ax for claiming separate auto allowances on 53 days that they traveled together to work assignments in the same car, according to public records.Street vendor selling cellphone cases fined 2G fine ... - New York Post A street vendor hawking cellphone cases was slapped with $2,250 in fines for selling from a table that stood 1 inch too high and 2 inches too close to the nearest store entrance. 

No Indictment: Billion Tech Funds Rip Off
The Bloomberg administration demoted a high-ranking agency official on Wednesday after she admitted falsifying time sheets and collecting more than $22,000 that she had not earned.(NYT) * CityTime Preet Bharara Where are the Arrests of NYC Gov Officials? The city official who was the project’s point person, Joel Bondy, resigned in December and had close ties to the suspected mastermind of the scheme. More on the CityTime Scandal * CityTime CNN I report Whistle blowing post that called them all out including Jelly Bean

No Fine or Jail Time: Billion Pension Funds Rip Off
No Jail Time For David Loglisci, Top Investment Official In Alan Hevesi Pay-To-Play Scandal(NYDN) As chief investment officer in charge of overseeing the $140 billion pension fund, Loglisci was said to be a “direct link” to scandal ringleader Hank Morris, who was Hevesi’s chief political advisor. Morris used his access and influence to to score at least $19 million in fees from companies wanting to do business with the fund. David Loglisci, disgraced ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s former chief investment officer, was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Bart Stone to a conditional discharge. (No jail time) More  Steve Rattner, MSNBC Analyst, got to pay a $10M fine for pension kickback scheme, others? JAIL! 

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