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Governor David Paterson 974

The Daily News Pushes Paterson for Mayor at the Same Time He is Being Investigated As A Lobbyist for Rivington Nursing Home Gang Who Closed A Nursing Home in Brooklyn for Luxury Developers 
Former Gov. DavidPaterson should take on de Blasio himself in the mayoral race — if he has the'courage' (NYDN)  If former Gov. David Paterson feels so strongly about someone challenging Mayor de Blasio next year, why doesn’t he do it himself? It’s one thing to sit on the sidelines and criticize the people in his party for lacking the “courage” to challenge the mayor. Well, Paterson is a leader in the party. In fact, he even ran it for a while. Where’s his courage?  To be sure, Paterson would not be the ideal candidate. Voters probably haven’t forgotten calls for him to resign in the wake of reports that he and the state police intervened in a domestic-assault case against a senior aide, David Johnson. Nor have voters forgotten the ethics panel probe into Paterson’s acquisition of tickets to a 2009 World Series game at Yankee Stadium. But Democratic voters are a forgiving lot, especially black Democrats, who made up much of Paterson’s base when he was a state senator, lieutenant governor and governor for two years. Some would say that de Blasio became mayor by accident. He got the Democratic nod in 2013 by narrowly avoiding a runoff against Thompson and enjoying the benefits of another Anthony Weiner sexting scandal. Spitzer made a comeback in 2013 when he ran for city controller. He lost.  Weiner, a former congressman, made a comeback that same year, when he ran for mayor. He lost, too.  But if Weiner and Spitzer could resurrect themselves after sexting and prostitution scandals, there could be room for a Paterson comeback.* Mayor de Blasio doesn't 'bother to speculate' on ex-Gov.David Paterson's call for primary challenger (NYDN) * Fossella would support Catsimatidis for mayor 'in a heartbeat' (SILIVE)

Yes Gov Paterson Settles With SEC What About His Lobbing Work With Allure Rivington Group? 
Paterson was paid consultant to firm that flipped nursing home (NYP, 4/10/16) Former Gov. David Paterson was a paid consultant to the Brooklyn company that sparked a scandalwhen it flipped the Rivington House nursing home for a $72 million profit, The Post has learned. The former governor was “on call” for Allure Group managing partner Joel Landau during talks for the takeover of a second nursing home, a Brooklyn facility that is also being converted into luxury housing, a source close to those negotiations told The Post. That deal is under investigation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Paterson Goes Through Another Job

Paterson Stepping Down From Democratic Chairmanship (YNN) * Former Gov. David Paterson will step down as the state Democratic Committee chairman, a post he has held since May 2014, when he was chosen during the state Democratic Convention, State of Politics reports:   * David Paterson, ex-NY governor, to resign as stateDemocratic Committee chairman | Newsday * David Paterson to resign as Democratic Party chair  * Former Gov. David Paterson is stepping down from his post as the leader of the state Democratic Party, which he has led since May of last year. There’s no word yet as to who will succeed him. * Paterson Unsure If State Party Will Help Fiala (YNN)

McCall Blasts Paterson "Its All About Negotiating Tactics"
McCall Swipes At Paterson (YNN)Comptroller H. Carl McCall may have been surprised by his offhand swipe at former Gov. David Paterson. It came when I asked McCall, who was pitching the governor and legislative leaders to invest more money in the state’s higher education system, about Cuomo’s tactic of linking seeming unrelated policy items – like the Education Investment Tax Credit, the DREAM Act and TAP funding – in appropriations bills, over which state lawmakers have very little control. “This is all negotiating tactics,” McCall replied.
Paterson Called Cuomo's Puppet Some Democratic state legislators contend Democratic Party Chairman David Paterson is doing Cuomo’s bidding against fellow party members and is not representing all Democrats, the Daily News reports: * State Senate Republicans adopted a budget resolution that would eliminate funding for the state’s Tenant Protection Unit, which was created by Cuomo in 2011 to enhance rent law enforcement, the Daily Newsreports:  Women's Right Democrats who previously pushed for taking up all or none of the Women’s Equality Act say they are now willing to settle for a partial victory and focus on important measures, The Wall Street Journal reports 

Paterson: Not the Best and the Brightest
Paterson: Government Not Attracting ‘Best And Brightest (YNN)  Former Gov. David Paterson on Tuesday said public service in recent years has failed to attract the best talent and corruption headlines don’t help. Paterson, interviewed on Fred Dicker’s Talk-1300 radio show Tuesday morning, was reacting to the latest corruption scandal to hit Albany after Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos surrendered to federal authorities alongside his son Adam on fraud charges. “Our best and our brightest are not going into government these days,” Paterson said. “These latest headlines are helping it.” Paterson said that people in some circumstances aren’t entering government for the right reasons, such as ending what they feel is an injustice. “These days people don’t seem to be going into government for that reason and you can feel it when you meet them,” he said. At the same time, Paterson said the ethics legislation that has been approved in recent years won’t necessarily deter bad actors. And he disagreed with the view the Legislature should be made a full-time entity

Paterson China Disconnect: A Former Governor Who Keeps Failing As A Lobbyists
Who knew? Former Gov. Paterson, no expert on job creation, again involved/tangled with EB-5 projects (Atlantic Yards Report) I'm catching up on a lot of news related to the EB-5 program, which has helped the developers of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park raise $477 million in cheap capital, with another $100 million to go. Perhaps the clearest summary of the lure and sketchiness of the program came in a February 2012 quote from an EB-5 fundraiser to The Daily:“It’s just a way of being able to get free money, basically, to build all sorts of projects,” Entrepreneurs hoping to raise money from Chinese immigrant investors under the EB-5 program know that elected and public officials--even former officials--help give the project a sheen of legitimacy.(That's why promoters of the Atlantic Yards investmentimproperly tried to suggest a top State Department official was backing it.)

Why Paterson and China Green Cards?
The New Yorkgovernor’s #EconomicDevelopment program is heavy on hype but light on #jobs 
Thus former New York Gov. David Paterson, no expert in such projects and notorious for spuriously claiming that Atlantic Yards would have "job creation the likes of which Brooklyn has never seen," has been in demand. And sometimes things go wrong. On 4/14/15, the Real Deal reported, How a former NY governor and a promising crowdfunding startup fell out:  For an ambitious real estate tech startup, bringing on a well-connected former governor as an adviser sounds like a match made in heaven. But in the case of iFunding and former New York Gov. David Paterson, the marriage quickly turned sour. A year after the real estate crowdfunding startup announced New York’s former governor had joined its board, the two sides are no longer on speaking terms. Instead, they have exchanged a series of bizarre accusations, involving questionable EB-5 deals, an alleged travel ban and supposedly dire financial straits.  The people behind iFunding saw Paterson "as their rainmaker in China," but then there were "alleged legal troubles," relating to Paterson’s effort to "court investors for the New York Immigration Fund," a regional center funding a new Times Square Hotel.  Paterson told the Real Deal the complaints related to the regional center, not his work, and says the crowdfunding site cut him off.

Governor Talking Ass: Real Joke On the People of New York
I’ll tell you what the lieutenant governor’s job is. You wake up every morning at 6:30 and you call the governor’s house. If he answers, you can go back to sleep.”

— Then Lt.-Gov. David Paterson, circa 2007
“[My opponent Kathy Hochul] is going to play the traditional, lackey-like position of lieutenant governor, which in my view is the waste of a constitutional position that the public needs in Albany.”
— Democrat Timothy Wu, characterizing the office of lieutenant governor almost the same way Paterson did seven years earlier
“Mr. Wu needs a wakeup call. Take it from me, this is not a job you can take lightly.”
— Paterson now, criticizing Wu for saying almost exactly what Paterson said about the job of lieutenant governor in 2007 

Paterson Slams Wu for Taking Job As A Joke . .. Hmmmmm
Lovett: Former Gov. David Paterson slams lieutenant governor candidate for treating job like 'a joke'(NYDN)  Former Gov. David Paterson slammed Wu, the lieutenant governor candidate, saying the insurgent liberal Democrat is treating the position “like it’s a joke instead of a real job” * LL Cool J explains his support for a New York state senator accused of bribery:"I think loyalty is important.(NYT)

Paterson Walks About From Another Crime Scene Untouched
Former Gov. David Paterson recently joined the advisory board of a company named in an indictment unsealed by Brooklyn federal prosecutors whose stock was manipulated.

The state’s Public Integrity Commission fined former Gov. David Paterson $62,000 for taking free World Series tickets last year from the Yankees, the Post reports

erty in Brooklyn, block by block: 

Following the Ethics Law Not
Former Counsel to Paterson Is Fined on an Ethics Law Violation(NYT)
Gov. Paterson fined $62,125 over Yankee ticket scandal - NYPOST 
Peter Kiernan, onetime counsel to ex-Gov. David Paterson, has paid a $3,500 fine for violating a state law limiting the interactions between former employees of the governor’s office and the state government.

Paterson's Sinking

Yesterday's True News Senate Broken Field Runners McCall Won't Pick Sides In Governor's Race 11:18 AM (Daily Politics) *** McCall To Ford: Bring It On 12:20PM (Daily Politics) * Paterson’s Ford flip Today's NYT Now Paterson Supports a Ford Senate Bid "Paterson says there is no reason why Harold E. Ford Jr. should not run for a Senate seat, two days after suggesting that he find another state to mount a campaign."

Lobbyists Firm Put Patterson On the Payroll of the Same Firm That Works for the Koch Brothers  

In Addition to Paying Paterson Mercury Public Affairs Works for the Right Wing Koch Brothers PAC and For Progressive Council
Member Margaret Chin And they Bag Millions from City Contracts
Paterson’s payday, for a ‘public relations problem’(Capital)  Former Governor David Paterson was paid at least $386,000 in 2013 to consult for various interest groups, including $50,000 to help a Republican-linked firm handle a “public relations problem” for one of its clients, records show. Paterson, the recently named chairman of the Democratic state committee, was paid between $50,000 and $75,000 from Mercury LLC, according to a 2013 financial disclosure form, filed with the state's ethics watchdog. The communications firm was founded by Pataki administration veterans, who along with Paterson were tight-lipped on the exact nature of Paterson's consulting.Chin Campaign paid Mercury over 100,000

Mercury is the Contractor for Hewlett-Packer Which Worked in the Problem Pledged 911 System
Both Mercury and George Artz have been lobbyists for Hewlett-Packard which was the main contractor of the city's 911 emergency system that crashes a lot. The city 911 system is now being sued by the parents of 4-year-old Ariel Russo who claim she died because an ambulance to take the little girl to the hospital was delayed by a 911 crash.  Arzt is also the flack for Excell's One 57 that got tax breaks from Albany to build a 75-story luxury skyscraper. One57 tax break is contributing to pushing the middle class our of Manhattan and raising rents in Brooklyn.  Parkside got away with making millions off of the council's member items and slush fund. The Advance Group according to a series written by CrainsNY used its control of PAC to be on more than one side in a race, even working against clients who hired his firm.  Berlin Rosen worked for the same client, Bruce Ratner as indicted Melvin Lowe and convicted Kruger flack Richard J Lipsky promising affordable housing where none exists today. * Special interest groups spend $210M lobbying state, local governments (NYDN) Cigarette giant Alria Client Services spend the most- $3 million- in 2013 to fight a tobacco display ban in New York City. At least two Republican-dominated firms with close ties to Democratic Gov. Cuomo experienced booming business in 2013, the lobbying report showed.Park Strategies — headed by former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato — saw its total compensation grew by 61.9% in 2013 over 2012. Mercury Public Affairs, whose partner, Michael McKeon, is a former communications director for ex-Gov. George Pataki and a prominent figure in Republicans for Cuomo, saw a compensation jump of 25% in 2013.

Paterson admits he OK’d ‘tainted’ casino firm to help then-state Senate Majority Leader John Sampson


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