Saturday, April 21, 2012

Woman's Groups

Where are the Woman Rights Groups?

Where are the perjury charges against Constantine for failing to reveal he knew Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance socially, worked with former Gov. Elliot Spitzer, and was a former law partner with Richard Aborn (who had once run against Vance)—all of which would have likely gotten him removed from the jury?

The Most Outrageous Thing Said By A "Gunpoint Rape" Cop Juror (Gothamist)  More information has leaked out about the holdout jurors: the Daily News reports that at least one juror didn't believe the victim because she could not recall the color of a car parked by the courtyard where she was attacked. 

Women Are Abused By the System is Not Limited to the Middle East

This same juror didn't believe her despite the fact the victim testified she had been penetrated ("It hurt"), despite the fact the forensics team had found Pena's semen on the woman's underwear, and despite the fact that several witnesses saw the attack taking place.“This woman was fighting for her life against an armed assailant who was subjecting her to the worst thing you can do to a living victim,” said Linda Fairstein, former chief of the Manhattan district attorney’s sex crimes unit.  “Whether or not she noticed a car is so unimportant in the scheme of what she did know.” The male juror who allegedly said this was one of three—including lawyer Lloyd Constantine—who were focusing “on really odd points” which led to a deadlock and mistrial on the rape charges.* Rape-Case Juror Called District Attorney ‘Wonderful’ Friend in Note(NYT) * Queens assemblywoman pushes for stronger rape laws (NYDN)  Aravella Simotas argues that lax laws allowed former NYPD cop to "get away with rape"

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