Saturday, April 21, 2012

State Senate

State Senate Diversity
3 Black Men Are Offered Committees in Senate (NYT)The move came as lawmakers seek to address concerns about a lack of racial diversity in the ranks of its leadership.* Plan To Mark Roe v. Wade Anniversary Meets Resistance In State Senate(NY1) The state Senate coalition leadership offered committee chairmanships to two black Democratic senators who are not part of the coalition in an attempt to address concerns over the lack of racial diversity in its ranks

Smith's Pay to Play IDC Deal
Payroll records show that state Sen. Malcolm Smith gave his staff taxpayer-funded raises totaling $58,500 effective this year, coinciding with his decision to join the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, the Times-Union writes: * Sen. Dave Valesky, the IDC’s deputy leader, will chair the Senate Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business Committee.* Skelos And Klein To Headline Manhattan GOP Fundraiser(YNN)

When is A Majority Not A Majority, When Found in the      New York State Senate

Democrat Ekes Out Senate Win(NYT)

 Klein Winning
Big pay for rogue Dems(NYDN) *  Democrat Wins Upstate Senate Seat, Giving Party Clear Majority * The gun bill was a first test for the new Senate coalition, but many hurdles remain. * Buffalo area Republican Mark Grisanti is facing a backlash from his constituents after he voted for the bill. The only upstate Republican to do so.

State Senate Update Dems Pick Up Another Seat

Big pay for rogue Dems(NYDN) * Tkaczyk wins after picking up 54 votes in Ulster Co.(TU) Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk will join the state Senate after election officials in Ulster County opened 90 ballots in her close race against George Amedore. * Republican George Amedore’s lead in the state Senate race against Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk shrunk to 35 votes after eight ballots were opened yesterday in Greene County, netting Tkaczyk an additional five votes, the Times-Union reports: * Tkaczyk Unofficial Winner In 46th SD(YNN) * This means there are 33 elected Democrats in the . But due to a power-sharing arrangement, the GOP and IDC hold power.* Left Says Tkaczyk Win = ‘Clean Mandate’ For Publicly Financed Campaigns(YNN) "Tkaczyk's margin of victory (19) is less than the value of her last name in Scrabble (29)" * Cecilia Tkaczyk, Democrat, Ekes Out Win in Republican Senate District * Democrat Ekes Out Senate Win(NYT)

Why Would Cuomo Want to Triangulation the Senate?
Senate Republicans believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo would prefer a Republican-controlled Senate because of their “relationship” but Democrats say Cuomo has a “responsibility” to his party in order to push his agenda, the Buffalo News writes

Padero Espada Majority Leader

Dems Lesson Taught, Lesson Learned?

 Cuomo vetoes 'pork' items, as well as education funds (BN) As of April 2, Cuomo planned no line-item vetoes of the 2012-13 budget. Obviously, he's changed his mind since then.* The Times-Union cheers Cuomo for vetoing over a hundred pork projects, arguing that they don’t belong in the budget at this time * Andrew Cuomo breaks out the veto pen(Dem and Chron) * The Senate Democrats are particularly enraged with Cuomo. Out of the $640,000 in line item vetoes, 99 of the 122 – $412,000 or roughly two-thirds – were programs for Senate Democrats.* Only 12 vetoed member items targeted Senate Republican reappropriations and were valued at $152,000.

    Pork no longer served in Albany? Depends on your definition of the other white meat.

Daily News Says GOP Senate Should Stop Kowtowing to the NRA

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