Monday, March 19, 2012


A Children is Shot
Nobody Cares?

As so many innocent people, young and old, are affected by gun violence day-by-day where is the anger? Were are the city hall press conferences?  Where are the marches?  In 1990 the NYP demand that Mayor Dinkins do something after a young girl was shot.  Today's lower crime rate has not diminished the the anger, press conferences and law suits against the NYPD and Bloomberg for the Stop-and-Frisk policy.  It has not stopped anger against NYPD program to monitor Muslim groups.    
 The Daily News  A 17 year old child Vada Vasquez who was the victim of a gun shot to the head telling Armando Bigo who was shot in the Bronx the other day to be brave.  Vasquez "advice to Armando is that he has to overcome it. The bullet wasn’t meant for him. He shouldn’t take it to heart. The recovery will be long, but he can get through it." NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called the shooting of an 8-year-old Bronx boy an “unacceptable reality ” in poor neighborhoods and said more needs to be done to bring down crime in the city.  Where are the pols from those neighbors or the 2013 mayoral candidates demanding that more be done? Agony of gun violence(NYDN) Where is the media?  Why do they never interview the patients of the shooters. * Manhattan Elected Officials Rally Against NYPD's Stop-And-Frisk Policy (NY1)

Where is the Outrage Over the Shooting of Armando? 

'Wise ass' alleged gunman arraigned in shooting of Bronx boy (NYP) * Teenager Arrested in Shooting of Boy, 8(NYT) * Shooter busted in wounding of Bronx boy, 8(NYDN) * Teen Arrested For 8-Year-Old's Shooting(Fox 5) * Teen arrested in shooting of 8-year-old(WABC)* Armando Bigo recovering(NYDN) * Wounded Bronx boy Armando Bigo is recovering and may be home Monday (NYDN) Suspected attacker Edward Rodriguez facing multiple charges * Bronx Boy Arraigned For Attempted Murder Of Soundview Boy (NY1)

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