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r rrrr Grace Rauh (Twitter) in trial: "I didn't have any substantive conversation w John Haggerty" about ballot security or anything else.

Grace Rauh (Twitter) Defense for put Karen Keogh on stand. She says on elex night Haggerty was in backroom w , , and 2 others. 

Bloomberg Takes On the NRA and Beats Them

Bloomberg Beats Pro Gun Democrat
Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at:
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat

Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at:
Bloomberg Gave Kelly $2 Million
Pressure on 30 Democratic Pro NRA Congressmembers

Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
The Latest Hurdle to Gun-Law Reform(NYT Ed)
The New York SAFE Act bars gun dealers from selling magazines with more than seven rounds, but gun manufacturers say magazines with just seven rounds don’t exist, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle says:
As Gun-Control Vote Approaches, Mayor Bloomberg Puts Washington on Notice(NY Mag)
National Journal says Rubio is among the targets on Bloomberg's radar 
Bloomberg after D.C. gun meetings: "Time is coming' for new laws"
After meeting with Bloomberg in D.C., Sen John McCain said the mayor appears more focused on enhancing background checks on guns than on an assault weapons ban.
Americans for Responsible Solutions, the gun control PAC founded by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, is using the Bloomberg’s PAC special election in in Illinois as a fund-raising tool.  
Bloomberg takes victory lap in D.C. 
Bloomberg-Backed Candidate Wins Chicago-Area Congressional Primary (NY1)

 Media: Speak No Perjury of Bloomberg 

New York Times: "Bloomberg Suggested"
The defense is likely to use this testimony to argue in their closing remarks that Mr. Haggerty was closer to the mayor than the mayor suggested in his testimony, in which he said he recalled only saying an occasional “hello” to Mr. Haggerty. After 2 Days, Defense Rests in Bloomberg Consultant’s Trial(NYT)

New York Daily News:  
"Bloomberg Fibbed Under Oath"
Lawyers for the political operative accused of stealing $1.1 million from Mayor Bloomberg stopped short of calling the mayor a liar Monday - but are hoping a jury will believe he fibbed under oath. Lawyers for GOP consultant John Haggerty, on trial for grand larceny, hint mayor Bloomberg lied

Wall Street Journal:  
Contrasts With the Impression
The image of Mr. Haggerty huddled with the mayor's inner circle contrasts with the impression that Mr. Bloomberg gave earlier this month, when he testified that he had little interaction with Mr. Haggerty. "He was somebody I would pass in the hall and say, 'Hi. How are you?' But we were not personal friends or worked together closely," Mr. Bloomberg told the jury on Oct. 3. * Was Alleged Thief Part of Bloomberg's Inner Circle?(WSJ)
New York Post: Nothing 
 Haggerty windup is today(NYP) * Mike Tells ‘SNL’: Forget actors! Just cast me(NYP)* Bloomberg: I Don't Discuss Wall Street Protest in Bed (NBC) * Former Campaign Aide Contradicts Mayor's Testimony In Haggerty Trial(NY1)Operative Scores in Court(WSJ)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new super PAC will contribute to candidates that support gun control, but his past campaign contributions call into question his record of backing gun control advocates (City and State)* Bloomberg‘s Super PAC is targeting Syracuse Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, widely considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents country-wide. Howard Wolfson, who’s managing the PAC for Mr. Bloomberg, said the  expenditure was due to Ms. Buerkle’s “extreme” position on gun laws. 

Before the Mayoral Election Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - City Room Blog (NYT) ***Mayor Bloomberg mulls making snail-like crosstown buses free (DN) *** BLOOMBERG: FREE CROSSTOWN BUS SERVICE FOR ALL - After the Election Night Bus Cuts Leave Riders Scrambling

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