Friday, July 8, 2011

NYC Congress

Rangel Runs Again
Congressman Charlie Rangel will formally announce his plans to run for re-election at a press conference in Harlem this afternoon. “I have heard the skeptics and the chattering classes wondering whether I remain committed to representing our congressional district,” he told the Daily News. But after talking to constituents, he said, “I am all the more fired up.”  In an opinion piece timed to coincide with his formal announcement of his candidacy, Rep. Charles Rangel says he is fired up about running for re-election, though he is likely to face a Democratic primary challenger, the Daily News writes:  * Espaillat Doesn’t Rule Out Primary Against Rangel(YNN) * Rep. Charles Rangel, 83, announced that he will seek a 23rd term in Congress and knocked his likely primary rival, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, who ran a strong challenge against him last year, Capital New York reports: * Rep. Charlie Rangel was so excited about his re-election announcement that he asked a reported to dance with him. (She declined).



Congressman Has Sinking Feeling Ackerman


 How Former Congressman Get Around Lobby Restrictions 

Ex-Lawmaker Still a Friend of Hospitals Former Representative Earl Pomeroy’s partnership with an aide helps him avoid restrictions on lobbying after leaving Congress.  (NYT)



Grimm Race Rep. Michael Grimm filed objections with the Board of Elections to Democratic rival Domenic Recchia’s bid on the Working Families Party line, and Recchia plans to file objections in return, The Observer reports: 
The New Congressional Checks and Balances The checks are to elected officials from insurance companies to improve the balances of congressional members campaign accounts. Health Insurance Industry Contributions to Politicians *** Bill Moyers Journal . Money, Politics and Health | PBS ***Health care stocks rise after Dems drop public option

Real Journalism Expose Congresswoman Cluelessness
If you want to see a report knock a congresswoman off the house leaderships talking points on health care watch MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan's interview with Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Ratigan said the insurance companies stocks have gone up in the last few days because Wall Street has been convinced that congress will continue the money making monopoly that health insurance companies have had over the nations health care system. Ratigan went from conversational to heated when is became clear that Wasserman would not go beyond her talking points. Wasserman said congress was going to shift from health care system to Consumer system. Ratitian said the congresswoman was not answering her questions about why the health care stock when up. Wasserman then said she is not stock analysis and does not know why the stocks of health care are up. Do we elect people to congress who doe not understand why the stocks go up? Come to think of it Wasserman had a dummy know it all smile on her face throughout the interview. Watch the video here

Congress Actions Costs American Jobs Today's Washington Post reports Zero Net Job Creation Over Last Ten Years What the Post story does not talk about is that the job loss has occured since congress has Repealed Glass-Stiegel Act in 1999 the U.S. has lost jobs. The congressional repeal allowed commercial banks to become investment banks and we know what happens next * A Decade Without Glass-Steagall Topples the Global Financial System * Another congressional action a couple years before Glass-Steagall was best summed up by Ross Perot "NAFTA will cause a giant sucking sound as jobs go south and overseas

"Our Congress has become a forum for legalized bribery" American Voters: Still Up for Grabs (Friedman, (NYT)

de Blasio Push for Recchia on Staten Island Could Hurt
de Blasio Lost to Lhota, GOP, 53.2%, 37,698 on Staten Island
Last night on Staten Island, Bill de Blasio made a hard pitch for Domenic Recchia‘s congressional campaign. “Domenic M. Recchia Jr. — look for him on your ballot,” the mayor said at one point, according to the Staten Island Advance. ”He will serve Staten Island so well, with such great energy,” Mr. de Blasio argued. “He cares about people.” Bill de Blasio eating pizza with his hands during his last visit to Staten Island. (Photo: Twitter/@BilldeBlasio)

State Senate GOP Super PAC Man
Leonard Litwin, the 97-year-old billionaire apartment building owner, was the biggest donor to state political campaigns last year with $700,000 in donations, including $436,500 to Senate Republicans, a New York Public Interest Research Group study found  ‘Old’ money (NYP) 

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