Saturday, May 14, 2011

Illegal Posters


Poster boy de Blasio to pay 300G - New York Post


On April 6, 2011 True News Wrote

  Candidates Know They Can Beat Illegal Poster Fines in Court 

2013: De Blasio appealing $304,500 fine for illegal posturing during 2009 race.

John Liu  Controller John Liu is exploiting legal technicalities to evade 600G in campaign fines (DN)

William Thompson Bill Thompson Fined $619125 For Campaign Posters: Gothamist


Loophole Liu Escapes Part of Poster Fine

Loophole on 400G penalty is 'fine' with Liu  A judge has tossed nearly $400,000 worth of viola tions slapped on Comptroller John Liu's campaign for illegal postering because of a minor -- but critical -- goof by a Sanitation Department enforcement agent. (NYP)

Poster Fines Protect Incumbents
Posters are a cheap way for challengers to get their name know it is a great antidote to the name recognition advantage elected officials have; A few years ago the council past a law that fined candidates heavily for putting posters on lampposts  John Liu and Bill Thompson are trying to weasel out of big fines for illegal campaign signs (DN Ed) 


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