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Thoughts of Mayor Mike
The Opinionator Builds His Force
Bloomberg is hiring journalist to distill his unique brand of political philosophy and disseminate it around the globe for an annual salary of close to $500,000.Bloomberg believes philanthropy, even on the sky-is-the-limit scale that he is planning, will not be enough to make him a potent force in national and international affairs. He is counting on journalism to allow him to maintain, and perhaps even deepen, his influence, long after the 24-hour spotlight of public office recedes. * Bloomberg's Future: No White House run likely, adjusting to life as "policy-shaping publisher." [NY Times]

Bloomberg Private Government is Not Limited to Budget Cuts

 It goes to organizations that support his agenda and sometimes employee former aides

Bloomy's $hadow city government How Mike uses $99 million in ‘philanthropy’ to bypass budget (NYP)

Bloomberg Keeps His Billions Separate From His Mayoral Obligations? Yeah, Right! (Barrett, Village Voice- Sept 1, 2009) * Bloomberg’s Term: “For Bloomberg, this is beyond the lame-duck danger zone — this has the makings of a collapse. Unless his attitude changes, and he is able to convince the public he is fully engaged, I don’t see how he can substantially recover.” [Michael Goodwin]

 NYC Mayor Bloomberg Strong Arms Non Profits For Third Term Bid * Criticism of Bloomberg Over Nonprofits' Support - * Charity Backing Bloomberg's 3rd Term Got Millions * Mayor Defends Use of Nonprofits in Hearings - City Room

“Mayor Bloomberg had folks questioning what planet he was on Monday when he declared “there aren’t very many panhandlers left” in city subways.”

REALLY? Bloomy says 'there aren't very many panhandlers left' in subways(NYDN) * Beggers: A January 31 study found 1,275 homeless people in the subways, an 18 percent rise from 2010.

Bloomberg: Just like in Cairo – if Washington doesn’t suceed in fixing the economy and creating jobs

Bloomberg Warns of Riots

Bloomberg warns high unemployment rate could lead to widespread rioting(NYP) * New York lost 22,700 net jobs to lead the nation in August. It was followed by Georgia, with 18,200 lost jobs, and the District of Columbia, with 12,500 fewer jobs. Both Georgia and D.C. saw big declines in government jobs.

For 8 Years Bloomberg Was Used to A Press That Reported Everything He Said As Truth

 $#*! my mayor says Does Bloomberg live in the same city we do? (NYP)

 The Press Spoiled Bloomberg
There aren’t very many panhandlers left, c’mon.” * “Women could walk in virtually every neighborhood in this city during the day and not look over her shoulder, and most neighborhoods at night.” * “President Obama doesn’t get paid that much. He’s on a budget, too.” * “You know, the last time I checked, pharmaceutical companies don’t make a lot of money, their executives don’t make a lot of money.” * On cars getting tickets after the blizzard: “It was easy to move your car. I don’t like to get up early in the morning and have to do anything either — I’d like to sleep in, too — but it was the right thing to do.” * Mitchell Moss High Paid Flunky Bloomberg Rudin Family $elling Lie!!! NY Post busted again lack of integrity

NYP: Demented Mayor

Bloomberg after Goldsmith real reason for leaving came out yesterday is still playing the public for suckers. He sees no need to explain why his office office spent the last month quietly promoting the notion that the ouster was a belated response to his bungled handling of the Christmas blizzard.  Bloomberg has no events on his schedule today, he did not have any yesterday either. Canceling his weekly radio show at first saying the host John Gambling was on vacation which he is not.  It is a public relations move to hid behind a long holiday weekend when you want to hid bad news.  Bloomberg has said many time that the public has a short attention span.  He really counting on that now. 
Bloomberg in Hiding
 Bloomberg was in full bunker mode Thursday as the fallout from the Goldsmith Saga widened, abruptly canceling his Friday morning radio show. The reason Bloomberg was unavailable to reporters yesterday was because "we wanted to give him some time to catch up and work on the other parts of the job," a spokesman said. * Bloomberg Cancels Radio Talk Amid Furor Over Aide's Resignation(NYT) * Mayor's radio co-host says Bloomberg 'made mistake' in ducking questions about deputy's resignation (NYP) * Bloomberg Speaks! Talks Clean Coal, Schools on Twitter(NYO) * Saturday Tommorrow, Mayor Bloomberg: No public events scheduled (9/2/11)

Power and Privilege

When the Mayor’s Management Style Becomes a Study in Arrested Development (NYT)

Now 10 years into his mayoralty, Michael R. Bloomberg still tends to view the office of the mayor as akin to a hallway at Bloomberg L.P.

Rules apply as the boss prefers. He wants a deputy mayor to run his foundation, which in turn ladles out dough to constituents’ nonprofits? Done. With precious little input, he wants to pick a Park Avenue friend as schools chancellor? Done.  Goodwin: Hizzoner dishonors us all with lies and indifference(NYP) * Defiant Mike 'fesses(NYP) * Bloomberg Defends His Handling of Aide’s Arrest(NYT) * At City Hall, a Mayor Acting as if He Owns It(NYT) * Bloomberg Defends Goldsmith Decision(WSJ) * Lupica: Bloomberg's pals get a pass but all others pay the price * Mayor Bloomberg: I'm not sorry I didn't reveal Goldsmith arrest(NYDN) * City Columnists Bash Bloomberg Over Goldsmith (NYO) * Bloomberg Again Defends Handling of Deputy’s Arrest (NYT)

 Hizzoner dishonors us all with lies & indifference
Face it, New York. Our mayor is just not that into us anymore. Bloomy Dearest has checked out and moved on. The job of mayor is beneath him, and it's no longer worthy of his full attention. Besides, there's no point being a billionaire if you have to follow the same rules as everybody else.

Back in France, Strauss-Kahn Is Eye of Media Tornado(NYT)

Bloomberg Rolling the Press
Bloomberg's Art of Manipulations Says He Was Protecting Goldsmith Privacy

Bloomberg Breaks Silence But Does not Answer Why He Let the Press Be Misled
Why Bloomberg Snowed Press Again   No live coverage of mayor press conference plays into the mayor's hand of limited coverage with his most loyal reporters.  Where is NY1? Truth comes thru when you can watch it live.

Last week local TV news was on for 48 straight for a rain storm that did very little damage.  The local TV stations do not even have clips of reporters speaking from the church.  Last weekend we had jerky reporters reporting live from unflooded streets all over the city.  The public is left with nothing but the mayors sound scripted sound bites and no way to tell if the press was upset with his answers. Bloomberg understands that if you can control information, you can control people.

Thomas Jefferson said: "Information is the currency of democracy.  Bloomberg runs the city like it was a corporation. He decides what the public needs to know. James Madison a signer of the Constitution and author of much of the Federalist Papers, was an advocate for open and transparent government, and he believed that only when the public has access to information about how its government is run can the governed truly accept the decisions of its leaders.

City Hall News(Twitter  . to press corps: You want to ask me about Goldsmith? Then come to Flatlands at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. * "There were 25 shootings" in last night, said .

Orwellian News Conference

Media Filters the Outrage of A Hiding Mayor At A Hidden News Conference

Bloomberg not sorry for not revealing ex-deputy mayor's arrest(NYP) *  Bloomberg Won’t Apologize for Concealing Arrest of Deputy Mayor (NYT) * Mayor Breaks Silence On Top Aide's Arrest (NY1) *  Mayor Bloomberg: I'm not sorry for hiding arrest behind Stephen Goldsmith's leaving office (NYDN) *  Bloomberg: If Goldsmith Hadn't Resigned, I Would Have Fired Him(NBC) * Bloomberg Speaks Out About Ex-NYC Deputy Goldsmith’s Arrest, Resignation (CBS)* Bloomberg Makes No Apologies; Stringer Calls for Hearings (NYO) * Bloomberg and Goldsmith Make First Comments on Deputy Mayor’s Arrest (NYT) * Bloomberg Defends His Misleading the Public on Aide(NYT)

Local Reporter Azi Tweets City Hall News and NY1 Producer Retweets His Reports
Azi Paybarah (Twitter) . walks into church w/ Rev. AR Bernard, Schools Chancellor Walcott & top aide .   "I make no apologies," said , re: * "Always assumed it would come out"* @MikeBloomberg said @s_goldsmith would still be employeed w/ nyc if not for his arrest..: "...public officials are all too willing 2 humiliate the people that work 4 them whenever it's politically convenient..."

Bloomberg: "Would Have Made A Bad Situation Worse" For Who?

Gerson Borrero (Tweeter) As the father of a daughter, I'm amazed at how Miguelito - who has 2 daughters - does not see what message his acceptance of an abuser sends* So, Miguelito would still have Goldsmith as DM, if he had not been arrested. Did Mike Bloomberg know of the abuse and ignored it?

NY1: Bloomberg "it would have made a bad situation worse. "

. wants Council hearings on . 's "1st obligation is 2 protect public, not 2 protect a staff member" 

 Was NY1 Report Josh Robbins Afraid to Answer A Question By the Anchor on Whether The Mayor His Misled the Public?
Rather Stands Up to Nixon
Anchor Question on why the mayor allowed the press to be misled for so long went unanswered

NY1 Anchor QuestionThe press and a lot of political observer had talk about perhaps the december snow storm being the reason for Goldsmith stepping down and nothing to dissuade the press or observers from thinking that.  Did the mayor address that?
Josh Robbins Reporter Answer: That is exactly right City Hall did not do anything to dissuade us from suggesting that. and he did address that and suggested that if Goldsmith were not arrested in this incident he still be deputy mayor.  He did not overly blame him for the response to the snow storm.Mayor Breaks Silence On Top Aide's Arrest (NY1)

Michael Powell


More Important What Else is Bloomberg Hiding: CityTime, NYPD Ticket Scandals, Fake Test Scores, Real Crime Rate, Cover Up of the City Council Slush Fund Investigation

The Press Can Start By Asking?

1- Does anyone know exactly where the mayor is hiding out?
2-Can anyone remember a mayor doing this?
3- Did  Bloomberg  or any of his friends or staffers call the Washington papers to cover this up?
4-How do the D.C. papers usually cover such arrests?
5-So what if the wife doesn't want to press charges? that happens a lot in such cases. remember the girl friend of our ex- cop friend who slashed her face?
7-teachers have to report an or  they get fired.  when did Goldsmith tell the mayor?
8 -Will any New York or national reporters stay on the story? 
9 - Why did Bloomberg wait 5 days once he learned of Goldsmith arrest to announce he was leaving?
10 - Which members of your staff were told about Goldsmith's arrest on Aug 4th


Experts: Bloomberg Broke Election Law

A Democratic election lawyer. “It appears to most election lawyers that I’ve talked to that there’s at least one, and possibly two, violations in that transfer.” Campaign finance rules prohibited money in a party’s housekeeping account from being used on a campaign. The money that went to GOP campaign operative Haggerty came from a Bloomberg contribution to the state's Independence Party.


Deputy Goldsmith Gone

Failed Snow Storm, CityTime Scandal and Private Contractors Gone Wild Legacy
 Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith -- brought in last year from Harvard to help reshape the city -- was pushed out today in what amounted to an embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift.  Goodbye, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith. Hello, Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway (who has been DEP commissioner and Goldsmith's star pupil).  After the snow storm and the CityTime scandal he packs it in  Goldsmith Departs Bloomberg Admin(YNN) * Some transit advocates believed departing Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith was the reason behind the scaling back of some Bloomberg transportation initiatives. 

Embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift

Bloomberg 3rd Term Tour Shipwrecked 

Mayor Bloomberg appoints Cas Holloway Deputy Mayor for Operations, replacing Steve Goldsmith * Within last 10 days most controversial senior aides to Mayor resigned: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith & ACS Commissioner Mattingly *  After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith’s Role in Bloomberg’s Admin (NYO) *  Goldsmith Quits as Deputy Mayor After 14 Months(NYT) * Bloomberg's Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith out after 15-month stint(NYP)


Goldsmith: Snow Storm, CityTime Scandal, Outsourcing Waste

Embarrassing admission that Mayor Bloomberg's third term is badly adrift

Bloomberg Deputy Hired With Much Fanfare Steps Down(NYT) * Top Bloomberg Aide Resigns(WSJ) * Goldsmith Out, DEP Head Named Deputy Mayor for Operations(WSJ) * Stephen Goldsmith steps down after botching NYC snowstorm(NYDN) * People inside City Hall knew something was amiss when former Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith suddenly canceled his schedule earlier this week, but his departure still left the top ranks of the Bloomberg administration scrambling. Some hope it's a sign the mayor has finally noticed the growing complaints that his administration is adrift, and that his replacement Cas Holloway's real job will be Deputy Mayor For Getting Back On Track. Said one fan: "The mayor does need an ass-kicker, and that'll be Cas."  * Goldsmith’s habit of stressing management theory over political pragmatism did not fly in New York.* As his time in public office winds down, Bloomberg has become more overt about his philanthropy.* “Beyond the mayor, Mr. Goldsmith was the most visible face of contrition in a defining moment of a rocky third term: the chaotic aftermath of a post-Christmas snowstorm.”* City Hall : “The departure is another setback for the mayor’s effort to bring fresh-faced outsiders.”

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