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Corrupt Brooklyn Democratic Machine




True News Wags the NYP Again

Yesterday True News: Pig Kruger Cries Because He Got Caught and is Going to Jail

 Today's NYP Editorial:  One sorry senator (NYP Ed) What a wimp. That would be former state Sen. Carl Kruger, who in federal court yesterday cried his way through guilty pleas on four bribery and fraud charges. “I accept responsibility for my actions and am truly sorry for my conduct,” Kruger sobbed to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Jed Rakoff. Isn’t that what they all say? Translation: I’m so very, very sorry that I was caught, sir. Now won’t you pretty please go easy on contrite little ol’ me?


Another Amigo Bites the Dust

State Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., the last of the Four Amigos, says his colleagues were targeted for being independent and were criticized unfairly, unlike the Independent Democratic Conference

Kruger Still Gets His State Pension

Former Sen. Carl Kruger’s annual pension is $74,071.80, and he will be collecting it despite his guilty plea. The provision that strips lawmakers convicted of felonies in connection with their public posts that was included in the new ethics law does not have a grandfather clause

Crybaby senator going to jail(NYP) * Senator Admits Bribery Charges(WSJ) * Tearful Senator Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes(NYT) * GOP vows to compete for Kruger seat(NYP) * Kruger Resigns, Pleads Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges(NY1) * Carl Kruger breaks down sobbing as he pleads guilty to bribery(NYDN) * Carl the crud (NYDN) * New York Senate's ‘Four Amigos’  down to just 1 (NYDN)* Cuomo Calls Kruger Case ‘Unfortunate’(YNN) * Reform isn’t exactly sweeping through Albany, as Kruger’s guilty plea won’t take away his “lush legislative pension” while the state’s ethics commission held a secret session at its first public meeting (NYP) * The plea was an about-face for Kruger, who vehemently declared his innocence and pleaded not guilty when he was indicted in March.* Rory Lancman wants to expand the Martin Act. * Kruger can, and has been spending campaign funds on his legal defense *A Language of Corruption, Spelled in Sobs and Shame(NYT)* The Bigger They Come Winners Are Sinners In Too Many Cases(NY Civic)


Did the NYT Cover the Kruger Plea As A Gay Soap Opera to Protect Developer Rattner Who Gained State $$$ From the Ex-Senators Bribes

"Baby Talk"  From NYT: "As Mr. Kruger read his allocution and broke down, wiping away tears, his emotion seemed to spread to Michael Turano, who held his eyes and wiped away his own tears.  . .  The people said that the senator wanted to spare his companion the rigors of a high-profile trial and the possibility of a much higher sentence, but that the decision was a complex one and that he chose to plead for other reasons as well. . .  

The Baby Talk Plea Coverage
The FBI agent said that a wiretap, which captured the men in nearly daily contact, revealed that they “sometimes spoke to one another in baby talk..  Beside him, separated by one of Mr. Kruger’s lawyers, sat the gynecologist who court papers suggested was the senator’s intimate companion; he, too, would weep uncontrollably as he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge a few minutes later. . . ” "Tearful Senator Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes(NYT)

NYT Covered Krugger Indictment and Bribe Payment to Developer Bruce Ratner Company

NYT March 10, 2010
Also highlighted in the criminal complaint was “a significant real estate development firm,” identified as “Real Estate Developer No. 1,” that was “spearheading an over $4 billion, multiyear, mixed-use commercial and residential development project in Brooklyn.” 
The description left little doubt that the firm was Forest City Ratner, the developer behind the Atlantic Yards project, a 22-acre residential and retail complex in Brooklyn that includes a new home for the Nets.. . . The complaint accused Mr. Kruger, a Brooklyn Democrat, of taking at least $1 million in bribes in exchange for help on state matters, including bribes from Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist for Forest City Ratner, and other clients. The complaint said the company’s “vice president of governmental affairs and public relations” — Bruce R. Bender has that role at Forest City Ratner — had asked Mr. Kruger last December for state money for three projects: $9 million for the Carlton Avenue Bridge, which is to be replaced as part of the Atlantic Yards project; $2 million for a retail development in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn; and $4 million for the renovation of the skating rink in Prospect Park, a public project.* Quietly, and without allegations of FCR-related influence or bribery, Prospect Park's Lakeside project gets $2.687 million from the state (Atlantic Years Report) * State Senator Kruger pleads guilty, resigns; no mention of "Real Estate Developer #1," but plea includes admission that legislator helped Forest City Ratner executive(Atlantic Years Report)

Kruger Lipsky On FBI Tape: 

Lobbyist Richard Lipsky would ask Kruger if he got the memo yet? According to the FBI that question was asked by Lipsky to make sure Krugrer got the bribe pay off.



If NY is Hit With A Nuclear Bomb All That Will Be Left Are Roaches and Lobbyists 

Teflon Man

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara accused Lipsky of funneling $252,000 from clients as bribes into the pockets of Brooklyn Democratic Sen. Carl Kruger, who was charged with a wide range of corrupt activities.

The Slow And Quiet Return Of Richard Lipsky(CHN)

Lobbying reports on file with the city and state show Lipsky billed at least $28,500 to three clients in March and April.  Even if Lipsky is convicted, he may still be able to fall back on his connections: While felons are barred from voting in New York state, they are free to work as registered lobbyists. Former Bronx Sen. Guy Velella worked as a lobbyist after he was released from prison on corruption charges.


Time to Rat Carl Kruger to Limit Jail Time

One corruption trial for Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger: judge(NYP)



Kruger and FCR Bruce Bender Came Out of the Corrupt Brooklyn Machine

Indicted Let Off Because of Health

The Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club: lasting connections to a Brooklyn power base have meant Atlantic Yards support

  Judge Drops Charges Against an Ailing Meade Esposito 




Former Democratic Leader in Brooklyn Is Convicted - New York Times

Feds Order Vito to Give up Info on his Empire  * Inside Vito’s Long Island Love Nest * House organ! Vito and allies have their own state-financed newspaper * Architect draws $1 million in business after working on Vito Lopez's home * This is supposed to be a senior center. It’s actually Vito Lopez’s clubhouse* Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez has secret army - uses senior center staff for political machine * Feds eye Lopez low-rise plan as Hasid favor * Vito Lopez scandal group got $24M to fix '$10' houses


 Kruger's campaigns see big 'Net' gains

State Sen. Carl Kruger -- who, the feds charge, directed state money to the Atlantic Yards project, which includes a new Nets arena -- took thousands of dollars in campaign cash from deep-pocketed donors connected to its developer, the team and the arena. (NYP)



1. Ratner Forest City Lobbyist Lipsky Arrested for Bribery

Richard Lipsky, a former Ratner lobbyist who, with Kruger, was charged by feds on March 9 in a $1 million bribery case, legally gave Kruger's coffers $3,500 between 2003 and 2007, and Lipsky's wife, Dorothy, gave $9,000 between 2008 and 2010, state data show.  Lipsky was caught on FBI wiretaps allegedly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Kruger, who is charged with directing state cash to Forest City's $4 billion Atlantic Yards project and other Lipsky clients.* Lipsky already earned $40,600 lobbying this year


2. Ratner Forest City Lobbyist Arrested for Bribery in Yonkers

ZehyJereis in Oct. 2006 was given a one-year, $60,000 real estate consulting contract by FCR in what prosecutors claim was a payoff by the company for getting Annabi to drop her opposition to the development. Jereis had no experience in the real estate business and never submitted monthly work reports to FCR until March 2007 when the feds began dropping subpoenas as part of the Yonkers investigation, prosecutors said. Last year, SandyAnnabi was charged by federal authorities with accepting more than $166,000 in bribes to vote in favor of Ridge Hill and another Yonkers development.


Kruger Scandal Gets Cute

Compliments of a reader, an anime version of Sen. Carl Kruger and “Real Estate Deverloper No. 1 (AKA, it’s fairly ceratin, Bruce Bender of Forest City Ratner) discussing how to use $4 million of worth of taxpayer funds for a variety of projects – including the Carlton Avenue Bridge. All the dialogue is lifted directly from the US attorney’s criminal complaint against Kruger, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., lobbyist Richard Lipsky et al.

Lipsky was Ratner's Forest City 2nd Lobbyist Bribery Indictment in A Year

Last Sunday's True News

Today's NYP
In 2006, Bender, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing, was the point man for Forest City's efforts to win approval from Yonkers for a $630 million commercial and residential development. A Yonkers councilwoman, Sandy Annabi, stunningly switched her position on the development, and helped pass it. Last year, Annabi was charged by federal authorities with accepting more than $166,000 in bribes to vote for that deal and another development. A Forest City spokesman said the company backs Bender, and noted, "We cooperated fully with the [Yonkers] investigation, and neither the company nor any of its employees were found to engage in wrongful behavior."


Campaign donations to state Sen. Carl Kruger from contributors connected to the New Jersey Nets and the Nets’ new stadium’s developer, Forest City Ratner:
* Ahron Hersh, Nets investor ­– $5,000 in 2005
* Vincent Viola, Nets investor – $5,000 in 2009
* Martin Rostowsky, Nets investor – $250 in 2004
* Michael Ratner, part-owner of Nets and brother of Forest City boss Bruce Ratner – $2,000 in 2004
* Karen Ranucci, wife of Michael Ratner – $2,000 in 2004
* Richard Lipsky, Forest City lobbyist – $3,500 from 2003 to ’07
* Dorothy Lipsky, wife of Richard Lipsky – $9,000 from 2008 to ’10

Albany Pork Goes Beyond Member Items

Crooked Carl Kruger wallowed in Albany's corrupt pork-barrel slush-fund ways (NYDN)

FCR Bender was seeking an amazing $15 million: $9 million for a bridge related to his company's Atlantic Yards project, $2 million for a retail center in Mill Basin and $4 million to renovate a skating rink in Prospect Park.  As it happens, Bender's wife sits on the board of the Prospect Park Alliance. Kruger laments that he has but $4 million to offer and asks, "What do you want done?" adding, "I guess the park. F--- the bridge." 

Ratner’s Kruger connection! Bruce had dealings with arrested senator (Brooklyn Paper)




The Sunday Krugerpalooza

Insights into the relationship between State Senator Carl Kruger, lobbyist John Lipsky and developer Forest City Ratner continue.New York Daily News, Crooked Carl Kruger wallowed in Albany's corrupt pork-barrel slush-fund ways An FBI listening device showed just how much money an individual lawmaker can control - and just how routinely a legislator can dole it out, without accountability or sound judgment, to special friends.

Anthony Seminerio Traps Carl Kruger                

Ex-Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio shook down Parkway Hospital, says suit (DN)




Timeline: Carl Kruger and the Turano Family
State Senator Carl Kruger, an Albany power broker, and the Turano family of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, are players in a story of corruption, bribery and lavish living.

Senator Kruger Allegedly Steals Families, Too (Sheepshead Bay Bites)

 Future Fed Prisoner Kruger Still Thinks He is A State Senator?

'Tampering With Evidence' After Death Of 15-Year-Old Boy

Sen. Carl Kruger, who was indicted on corruption charges along with Boyland earlier this year, is being accused of injecting himself into the investigation of the death of a 15-year-old Brooklyn student who fell off the roof of a school Tuesday night, the Daily News says  Political low: State Sen. Carl Kruger accused of trespassing on crime scene Kruger reportedly stepped behind police lines at the crime scene of 15-year-old's death to make point about underage drinking. (NYDN)


Lobbyist Richard Lipsky Indicted With Kruger Gave Funds to Weprin

Turner attacking his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, for taking money from disgraced lobbyist Richard Lipsky for his City Council and Comptroller campaigns $1,000.  “David Weprin knows Richard Lipsky is awaiting federal trial for bribery and he knows he took money from him, so it surprising that Mr. Weprin has not returned the cash,” said Turner campaign.  Lipsky is accused by federal prosecutors of bribing Carl Kruger.

King Carl of Canarsie


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